The Story Of The Hog

My name’s (Ola)Dotun and I’m a Senior Software Engineer (games developer) currently working in the UK. I’m a member of a pretty large family of 7 and an identical twin (how cool is that!!). I grew up in the sunny suburbs of Greater Manchester and spent most of my junior years dreaming of a life of creative freedoms developing games to rival some of the best I’d played during my lifetime on the older platforms (C64, Atari, SNES, Amiga and beyond). After graduating from the University of Manchester with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Engineering I landed my first job at an amazing games company and later moved on to my current role as part of the Core Technology Group at Curve Studios based in london. I’m now working towards advancing my career onto bigger and better things, gaining a greater depth of industry knowledge and having barrels of fun making games both professionally and in my spare time..
Other hobbies include being an avid basketball player, breakdancer and being the world’s biggest watchhog when it comes to entertainment media such as film, games and books..

– Hog


One thought on “The Story Of The Hog

  1. I head up an indie company called Gothic Games. We’re working on a turn-based fantasy strategy game. If you can imagine “Risk” with individual units, spells, diplomacy and economy, that’s the main idea.

    We’re looking for a couple more programmers to join our small team. As this is an indie company, the plan is to sell the game as a download and then everyone takes their fair percentage of sales. While that has its upsides and downsides, the team itself is comprised of dedicated industry professionals coming from such companies as Micro Forte, Wizards of the Coast, and GSC Game World. The artist who did our map also created the maps for New Line Cinema’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

    I won’t get too much further on the game here but if you’re interested in learning more email me at

    Best regards,

    Nik Soderstrom
    Designer, Founder
    Gothic Games

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