GDC 2010 – First Contact

Sooo I made it to GDC this year…

First time out in San Fran too which is a great bonus. After arriving on Saturday and spending a couple of days recovering from jet lag & getting accustomed to the surroundings we finally made it to the main conference sessions today. Had a couple of seminars; one from Blizzard on performance & optimizations, one from Epic on building (or rather decorating) procedural buildings & a couple on asset management systems (which were reassuring in that they kinda validated the way we’re handling it at Curve). Tried to make it to the Sony motion controller (i.e. Playstation Move) seminar but it was packed (seriously! waaaay too many students this year…) but we did manage to have a wander around the expo & check out some cool stuff from:-

– God of War III (looked amazing)
– Live demonstrations of the Playstation Move technology (seems very accurate & responsive which is encouraging)
– Nvidia & Sony 3D stereoscopic games (tech works quite well…)
– etc etc

All in all a rather packed out day & more to come tomorrow & Saturday…

Looking forward to it…

GDC 2010 – First Contact

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