iPhone Games Development: Debugging Tips.. Part II

So I started working on string management & support for my iPhone app & reached that oh so familiar point where I realised “hey! wouldn’t it be great if I could debug wide-char/UTF-16 strings in xcode!”..

Well it turns out xcode doesn’t have any native support for this (good ol’ xcode) but they do provide a plug-in system for you to write your own custom data formatters. So I had a trudge through the relevant site &, using the sample formatter bundles they provide, tried to put a unsigned short* string formatter together..

Except I couldn’t get it to work.. 😦

Every attempt I made at trying to get xcode to register the formatter & format my data in the debugger window failed miserably. I was initially planning on writing a tutorial on this too but after several attempts I gave up & decided to move on..

If I get a bit of time though I’d like to revisit this and try & get it to work so I can put together a tutorial on what I did and how to overcome the gotcha’s I had to overcome. So watch this space I guess..

In the meantime if anyone else has had any experience withthis stuff & wants to leave a few comments then that would be cool..

– The Hog

iPhone Games Development: Debugging Tips.. Part II

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