The Prodigal Son Returns..

After a  looooong break I feel it’s time to drop back into blogging. Expecially since I’ve been getting a fair amount of unexpected traffic of late (I didn’t think anyone actually read this blog! thanks guys!!).

The days have been pretty busy of late having been moved into the core engine team at my current studio and spending a vast amount of time learning what it takes to make a next-gen multi-platform engine tick and writing everything from particle editors to flash native rendering systems and more.

It is however time to get back into imparting some of the things i’ve learned & so stay tuned for some more (hopefully) useful tutorials soon..

– The Hog

The Prodigal Son Returns..

2 thoughts on “The Prodigal Son Returns..

    1. We did but through integrating it with our in house engine I had to re-write the renderer to re-route all the rendering code through our own setup..

      Worked out quite well in the end..

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